Your Future is Now!!!!
Opportunity #1 Regenerative Therapies!
Opportunity #2 ProPatch+
Opportunity #3 Clinical CBD
Regenerative Therapies
Have you heard what's happening in the biologics or regenerative medicine world?  Even Kim Kardashion has replaced PRP with EV's.  We are recruiting a Nationwide Sales team to bring revolutionary regenerative medicine to the aesthetics market. If you have a network of Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons, or Med Spa’s this is your chance to stand out and make a difference in the aesthetics space.
Over 40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills, and many patients are Ditching their Pills for a Patch!
Our transdermal patches are the talk of the industry. Watch the video and see for yourself! SculptPatch:  Formulated to enhance body sculpting & shaping treatments.
RenewPatch: Anti-Aging nutrition supplement for hair restoration & skin rejuvenation.
VitriPatch: A Powerful Multivitamin for total health, wellness & immunity.
We have all the training, marketing and support for you and your customers. Don’t miss the boat!
Clinical CBD
The CBD market is exploding. Patients are asking physicians for a reliable source and you can be part of the solution. By Design Medical is recruiting a Nationwide Sales team to bring to physicians a Clinical CBD product line exclusively available through qualified healthcare professionals. Our Clinical CBD is: 
  • Independently-tested to ensure purity
  •  Certified, FDA Registered, NSF, Non-GMO
  • Fast-absorbing due to its breakthrough formula
  • Accurately labeled
  • THC Free 
  • Clinically proven
If you have contacts with Derms, Plastics, OBGYN's, Ortho or Pain doctors, this is an
excellent product to add to your bag.
Do you have a product but no sales team?
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