Meet The Team
Tamara being an experienced entrepreneur consulted on multiple projects during the pandemic which has driven her to launch another independent sales force called By Design Medical.  Tamara brings a long track record in sourcing the best products and services, developing protocols for successful business training and management, including financial stability, corporate structure, operational frameworks and process management.  She is a guru of organizational discipline and enablement. Tamara has long recognized her greatest success in helping others succeed. As a Rep Network partner she established an infrastructure to train and manage over 700 reps, placed more than 3,000 reps into the marketplace, achieving more than 300M in sales and launched over 80 products so it’s no surprise that she’s entering the medical world again to take it by storm. 
Nichole Bright-McNair is the CSO of By Design Medical. Nichole is a polished sales professional with an extensive background in pharmaceutical, medical device and home health care sales. Coupled with this experience, is her tremendous success building large teams in the independent space, in both the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. Recognized as a subject matter expert and consultant in healthcare sales, Nichole trains other sales professionals how to generate high impact results through innovative sales techniques, collaboration and strategic networking.
Manika Glass is the COO of By Design Medical. Manika began her career as an elementary school teacher for 10 years before transitioning to sales as a distributor and elevated to the VP of Operations at Rep Network. She is the definition of a highly driven and self-motivated leader with a background in education and a Master’s in Management of Non-Profit Organizations. Manika’s understanding of complex automated platforms, sales support management systems and training management platforms is unprecedented. Manika’s varied background in education and experience in training, administration, operating systems, sales, recruiting, and management has provided the perfect foundation of skills to lead By Design Medical

Chief Financial Officer
Ashley Johnson

VP Human Resources
Barbara Pimentel
Rose Black

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